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KentSport activities for children and young adults

UCL Transport Infographic

Come and see what we’ve been doing with UCL Transport Institute.

Benchmark House Histories

Beautiful, crafted brand for beautiful, crafted books.


Kosovo: Fragments of a nation.

Jagger Creative Communication

Based in Canterbury, Kent, we work with clients in Kent, London, UK, Australia, Cyprus, Switzerland, and Brazil. We design websites, marketing, branding, and communication across several business sectors.  About us →

We have a burning desire to be better every day.

Our services


Branding that fits your business. It should be inspiring and beautiful. Valued by you, your staff, clients and other stakeholders.

Sample branding projects


Brand Communication

We’ll tell your story in a way that engages your audience, presenting you in the best truthful light possible.



We find innovative ways to connect with your audience digitally and in print.

Marketing services include:

  • Direct mail, mailers, leaflets, flyers, brochures or something a little different
  • Branded merchandise and leave behinds
  • Posters, displays and banners
  • Email marketing
  • Presentations


  • Understand the objective
  • Discover what needs to be said to achieve it
  • Get to know the audience. Find out what their priorities and concerns are
  • Tell them how you can solve their problem in language they are receptive to
  • Surprise them

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Website design

Engaging website design that leads visitors to where you want them. We’ll build your website in the technology that best suits your objectives and budget, including WordPress.

Website design that is:

  • Responsive
  • Content managed
  • Supported
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Yours – you have control
  • Targetted

Social Media Marketing

Communicate with customers and stakeholders on the platform of their choice, not yours. We set up your social media accounts then manage them for you or train you to do it yourself.

We support you with:

  • WordPress blogs
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+

Our news

Bach Magnificat

Bach Magnificat

Hot off the press Bach Magnificat concert programmes have just arrived from the printer so everything's in place now for this weekend's concert in Canterbury Cathedral. Now I just need to make sure I know the music inside out. Bach Magnificat doesn't spare the...

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Kosovo: Fragments of a Nation

Kosovo: Fragments of a Nation

A one day theatre event about Kosovo at the Unicorn Theatre, London. The excerpts in the selection of readings were from work that INTENT is helping to develop among Kosovan writers, many of whom have never written professionally before, as well as work by British...

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Mr Men stamps

Mr Men stamps

You've gotta love these: Mr Men stamps. Royal Mail is celebrating the 45th anniversary of Mr Men and Little Miss with this set of stamps. Brilliant. Now I just need a reason to send a letter. These reminded me how many times I've seen Royal Mail release stamp...

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Business startup

Business startup

Starting a new business? The design and marketing tools we think you need to maximise your business startup. Branding Online and print. Branding guidelines document. Printed business cards. Microsoft Word, Publisher or Adobe InDesign templates. HTML email signatures....

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InDesign GREP styles

InDesign GREP styles

An amazing tool that saves hours, or even days, if the project is big enough. InDesign GREP styles are part of paragraph styles and allow you to automatically apply character styles to specific characters within a paragraph style. For example, you can set all ® and TM...

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Canterbury Choral Society concert marketing

Canterbury Choral Society concert marketing

New Canterbury Choral Society concert marketing coming together Now the concert posters are singing the same tune as the website, Twitter and email marketing. We have created a distinct and memorable personality for Canterbury Choral Society. This is desirable for so...

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