About us

We’re a small, multi-disciplinary graphic design partnership in Kent with a burning need to be better every day.

This desire makes us work harder on every project for every client. It’s exhausting but it gets the best results for you and for us.

From our studio near Canterbury in Kent, we design for clients in Kent, the UK, Brazil and Australia.

We believe that every one of our clients deserves to be noticed and celebrated for what they do.

Creative Direction

Scott Jagger

Scott Jagger

Partner/Creative Director

  • 20+ years experience (10 years in London design industry)
  • Senior designer, Sedgwick Richardson UK:
    Annual reporting, branding, advertising, website design and marketing
  • Freelance designer, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil:
    Designing in Portuguese and English
  • Founded Jagger Creative Communication LLP in 2007

Clients have included:
M&S, IBM, BP, Arjo Wiggins, John Smiths, Prebon Yamane, Eurotunnel and NHS


  • BIMA ‘Best Internet Magazine’ 1996
    Freelance designer for Bates Interactive on FA Premiership website


We don’t limit your project to the skills contained within these four walls.

We use highly experienced specialists on your project for an excellent outcome.

Our network of collaborators
  • Branding designers
  • Brochure designers
  • Advertising designers
  • Packaging designers
  • Website designers
  • Website, blog and email marketing programmers
  • Photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Copywriters
  • Printers

The advantages of our collaborative approach

  • We use more experienced and specialised professionals than would be possible if we were a larger company using in-house resources. Everyone working for you is an expert in what they do for you.
  • We scale up instantly to meet the needs of larger projects. An example of this is the KCS (Kent County Supplies) catalogue. For the last two years we have worked with our collaborators on the 1600+ page KCS catalogue. The project involves tight deadlines, exacting accuracy and specialised content management software. The timescale, size and strategic importance of the project mean that it needs a large, experienced and dedicated team.

We support

Canterbury Choral Society →

  • Website design, programming and management
  • Email marketing design and setup
  • Poster design
  • Twitter setup

Elham Going Green →

  • Website design, programming and management
  • Poster design
  • Leaflet design
  • Marketing
  • Presentations

Intent New Theatre →

  • Website design, programming and hosting

Play for Elham →

  • Poster design

St Mary’s Church Elham →

  • Poster design
  • Leaflets

Elham Primary School →

  • Road sign design