With our collaborators, we have been designing for KCS since 2014. Kent County Supplies (KCS) is a former division of Kent County Council.

For KCS we have been designing

  • 1800+ page catalogue
    2015/16 and 2016/17
  • Mailers
  • Leaflets
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Information sheets
  • Flyers

Key tools for large catalogues:

  • InDesign Grep Styles
    See our post on Grep Styles →
  • Content Management System
    Client feeds data, amends and prices directly into InDesign documents. Provided the data in the database is correct, the amends, pricing and proofing stages are much less time-consuming.
  • InDesign Books
    Group documents together to be dependent on one master document’s master pages, stylesheets and colour palette
  • InDesign Libraries
    Gather all your recurring graphics into one library so they can be quickly dragged into multiple files.