New Canterbury Choral Society concert marketing coming together

Now the concert posters are singing the same tune as the website, Twitter and email marketing. We have created a distinct and memorable personality for Canterbury Choral Society. This is desirable for so many reasons.

A clearly defined and individual house style allows you to:

  • differentiate your brand from the competition. If a brand is recognised for delivering excellence, the brand itself will create trust in individual products, services and events. Customer satisfaction must be good before a brand becomes more visible. A potential customer may need several prompts to commit to a brand but will require only one to leave it.
  • energise each marketing drive with the power of what has gone before. Making it obvious that your products are related helps this. We expect the same excellence in different products, services and events from the same brand.

Digital marketing switchover

Canterbury Choral Society concert marketing has switched to email with gusto. We have received great enthusiasm for digital communication channels. Twitter has been buzzing. Any large scale choral performance must be a collaboration of many performers, organisers, venues and audience members and Twitter has been an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to reach a much larger, combined audience.

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