We design branding that is honest, memorable, engaging and cherished. A brand should be a perfect fit for the organisation it represents.

Brand essential ingredients

  • Honesty: Overselling will lead to customer disappointment.
  • Originality: Being unremarkable is infinite wasted opportunities.
  • Integrity: The value of a brand is the story behind it. The human endeavour that has brought it to the point it has reached. It is essential to find the story and tell it if a brand is going to be true to what it represents.
  • Respect for brand heritage: When a brand has built an enviable reputation over many years, it may be desirable for that trust to be brought along with the brand on its journey. This is exactly why we took such a thorough look back before we moved forward with rebranding Kent Cams →

All brands should contain these essential ingredients. Your brand should reflect the quality, importance and value you represent to your customers. It should be sensitive to your purpose, your professionalism, your innovation, your journey, your history, your future and your character. Above all though, it should have a clear purpose. A clear message that positions an organisation where it is now and where it is going next.

We have more than twenty years experience designing brands for clients both large and small including HP, Arjo Wiggins, Kent Cams, NXT, Kingston Technology and IBM. Along the way we have developed voluntary sector, business to business and consumer brands. Sectors we have designed brands for include: