Website design

Website design that engages, entertains and leads visitors to your objectives.

website design ux user experience design and SEO by Jagger Creative Communication

We build websites that are:

  • Responsive
    Website design optimised to be at its best on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Whatever device your visitor is using, your website should look like it was designed specifically for that device.
  • Dynamic/Content managed
    Content management system (CMS) and training is included in every website we have built. There is no place any more for a website that just sits there with no fresh content. Your sector is undoubtedly too competitive and dynamic for that approach to be successful. A CMS gives you control of your website content. You can potentially update anything. What you will need to update will determine the training we need to give you. We will leave you with detailed step-by-step notes and are always available if you need us. Most of our clients find it much more effective for us to update their website for them. Our experience means we can quickly, smoothly and securely implement changes with optimised graphics, maximum SEO and professional design without a member of your team being distracted from their core value to your business. Whether you do it yourself or get us to, we think the option should always be there to internalise this function should circumstances demand it. We want you to be tied to us by choice, not obligation.
  • Supported.
    We offer ongoing support to help you get to grips with your new website. We will update software and security, fix new issues, give ongoing training modules, technical support, develop SEO and provide design resources. Our standard support package for a WordPress website is currently £300/year to keep WordPress, Themes and Plugins up-to-date to keep it as secure and user friendly as possible.
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

    We install powerful SEO practises that work. We’ll give you comprehensive instructions to optimise your new online content. We’ll tool you up or we can do the whole thing for you. We are experienced with Schema which can really enhance the search engine presence of certain services and products.
  • yours
    You need control of your website, domain and hosting. Free to change whenever you want without disruption, rebuild, downtime or lost data. We believe this is how the web should be. No proprietary software, limited access or barrels to be held over.
  • targetted.
    Our websites are bespoke. We design them for your specific objectives and audience.