You’ve gotta love these: Mr Men stamps.

Royal Mail is celebrating the 45th anniversary of Mr Men and Little Miss with this set of stamps. Brilliant. Now I just need a reason to send a letter.

These reminded me how many times I’ve seen Royal Mail release stamp collections that seem to be especially for me. How do they do that? I could almost go back to stamp collecting having hung up my tweezers 40 years ago. The design of such tiny objects being valued and cherished so much is refreshing. Unfortunately, I can’t help thinking that postage stamps are on borrowed time. Or, as Renton would have put it: their demise is in the post.

Here are just some of the others I love (some because of the design, others because… well, just because).

Star Wars
Pink Floyd
The Great Fire of London
Comedy Greats
Children’s TV
Roald Dahl
Winnie the Pooh
London Underground
2012 team GB gold medal winners
50 Years of Doctor Who
Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition
Beatrix Potter
Classic Album Covers
Design Classics

And that’s just going back as far as 2009!