Understand the objectives.
Get to know the audience.
Surprise them.

We create advertising that is right for you and your customers. We need to know a lot about your business to do it right.

Teach us about your business

What you do. What that does for customers. What problems you solve for customers. An informed, thorough understanding of your business will allow us to answer the questions of experienced, informed customers. We need to understand the real solutions you provide to your customers’ real needs. Advertising must be pitched correctly to be urgent, respectful, clear and relevant.

What are the advertising objectives?

Defining the objectives will help develop a single, powerful message and identify measures of success. The objectives lead us to what the message needs to be to achieve them.

Who and where are your audience?

How do they want to be informed? Focus on how they want to find out about you, not how you want them to. In what tone of voice do they want to be spoken to? What are their concerns and responsibilities? What value is there to them in what you’re offering them?


With the above information neatly in place, it’s time to find a new and arresting way to make your point. Find unexpected ways to grab and keep your audience’s attention long enough to tell them what they need to know. They are bombarded constantly with noise so find a way to stand out and be remembered. Surprise them.