Essentials of effective advertising:
Understand the objectives.
Get to know the audience.
Surprise them.

We create advertising that is right for you and your customers. We need to know a lot about your business to do it.

  • Teach us about your business. What you do. What that does for customers. What problems you solve for customers. An uninformed, superficial understanding of your business will not sit well with informed customers and potential customers. It risks an outcome that is beneath their understanding and so superficial and patronising.
  • what are the objectives of the advertising? Defining the objectives will help develop a single, powerful message and identify measures of success.
  • The objectives lead us to what the message needs to be to achieve them.
  • Who and where are your audience? How are they used to being interacted with? How do they want to be spoken to? What are their concerns and responsibilities? What aspects of what you’re offering will be most poignant to them?
  • With this information neatly folded and packed, it’s time to get away from it all. Leave the beaten track. Find unexpected ways to grab and keep your audience’s attention so we can tell them what you need to. Surprise them.

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