Marketing should be surprising, memorable and on target. Be unremarkable at your peril.

You cannot always control the conditions in which your marketing reaches your audience. It may arrive at an unexpected, busy and even unwelcome time. This uncontrollable factor means you must cut straight to the chase. Tell your audience instantly why they need you and why your marketing should be read and not just tossed into the recycling bin (real or virtual). You must grab the attention and hold it long enough to show your audience why they need what you are offering.

We find creative ways for you to grab and hold the attention of your audience. Intriguing ways to stand out from the crowd and lodge in your audience’s memory. We market your products and services online and in print including exhibition graphics, direct mail, leaflets, mailers, posters, powerpoint presentations, email, social media and online.

Being predictable and unremarkable risks passing your audience by unnoticed. A completely wasted opportunity and a terrible return on investment. Our online and offline campaign for Alice in Wonderland themed dining at The Swan Under the Globe Theatre is an excellent example of treating your audience to a truly memorable surprise.

Recently clients have included KentSport, KCS, Signpost Counselling, The Swan Under the Globe Theatre and Manak Solicitors.