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We have created a consistent visual language across all applications (on and offline) so that everything we do works together as a coherent and striking whole. The high standard of talent, inspiration, determination and attention to detail of the performances must be applied to the design and marketing or it will not convince the uninitiated that this will be a high quality performance worth spending money on. Choral music is perceived by many to be a niche interest so if it is to widen its appeal and audience, it cannot possibly rely on word of mouth amongst the converted as this will not reach a new audience.

The CCS style is vibrant and contemporary. This is central to our approach. We were determined not to settle for reflecting the era in which the music was written. This is not the experience the audience is going to receive. It’s the history, not the powerful experience of it on offer. The audience’s experience of live music is fresh, contemporary and unique. It’s now. The performance will never have been exactly the same before and will never be the same again.

About Canterbury Choral Society

Canterbury Choral Society (CCS) has been performing major choral works in Canterbury Cathedral since 1951. Led by Music Director, Richard Cooke since 1984, CCS performs four major concerts and hosts annual Christmas Family Carols in Canterbury Cathedral. Canterbury Festival has invited Canterbury Choral Society to perform a major concert each year since the Festival’s launch in 1984.

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