Canterbury Choral Society

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Canterbury Choral Society

Marketing strategy

To connect with a more diverse audience, our principle is to promote the contemporary live music experience, not the period when the music was created. Even if your musical preference is a completely different genre, you will still be enthralled by the sheer force of a large symphonic chorus, professional orchestra, and professional soloists performing great choral works. We have created a visual language that is fresh, modern, and focused on the contemporary experience of the music.


WordPress, responsive website focused on three key revenue streams – ticket sales, membership, and supporters. Extensive SEO including Schema for enhanced Google search results appearance. Schema is a powerful tool for some product types – events is one.

Online marketing

Being on major event, tourism and arts portals is essential for publicising music events.

Social media

Social media penetration into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Email marketing

Mailchimp is used to publicise future concerts and alert when tickets go on sale. Website links directly to Mailchimp sign-up with GDPR compliance.

Print marketing

Posters, leaflets and flyers for each event. Concert days are a major opportunity to attract Canterbury tourism. They are actively seeking cultural activities for their time in Canterbury so are receptive to last-minute plans. A1 A-frame posters, QR posters, flyers and social media activity all drive concert day sales.


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