Kent Cams advertising

Kent Cams advertising:
Europe’s No1 performance camshaft manufacturer.

A bold and powerful statement. No one can prove it as conclusively as Kent Cams. Our objective for the Kent Cams advertising was to provide the proof. Brand truth is the most convincing story. No hard sell and no special offers. No intangible brand value, waffle, marketing speak or invented unique qualities. Just the truth proven by unequivocal evidence. Each advert presents one piece of evidence why Kent Cams is Europe’s No1 performance camshaft manufacturer.

Kent Cams has an enviable client list. Further proof that they deliver what they claim. In each specific publication (Mini, Ford, Classic, etc) we highlighted the most impressive specialist clients to show that Kent Cams supplies the best. If the best use them then so should you.

Some of the many reasons Kent Cams is Europe’s No1 performance camshaft manufacturer

  • Producing more performance components in house.
  • The most advanced technology centre in Europe.
  • More product development experience.
  • Greater motorsport success.

More Kent Cams projects

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