Ready for Brexit website

Ready for Brexit website responsive design
Ready for Brexit website agile development

Technical detail


30% users on tablet and phone.


Built on WordPress platform to be more agile and so able to adapt to fast changing situation.

Agile design and development

The Brexit landscape has changed continuously. The website has adapted as likely scenarios changed so that it continues to provide the right tools to members.


Includes member discussion forum.


Membership system automates subscriptions, payments, international VAT, renewals, free trials, discount codes and member communications.

Payment gateway

Website uses Paypal payment gateway.


Membership system links to Mailchimp list for member and subscriber newsletters.


Website registered with Google News as a news provider.


Popular posts serve up related posts linked by category. This helps engagement by presenting visitors with further information on topics we know they are interested in, lowering bounce rate.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense and custom adverts installed.


Highly optimised including Google news registration, news xml sitemap and teaser content for private pages.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Valuable tools that in combination give more accurate visitor and engagement data, allowing us to identify landing pages and ux improvement opportunities.

Landing pages

Popular pages and posts treated as landing pages with enhanced engagement and CTA. A website’s structure may suggest entry at the homepage but visitors will often enter at other points. These entry points also need to be well illuminated and signposted. Entry points (landing pages) identified with Google Analytics.

Media coverage

Considerable online, press and av media coverage captured, edited, formatted and embedded.

Extended menu

Directory uses extended menu to organise and clearly present a large number of information points.