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Technical detail


Infographics are used to clarify and enliven products and services while setting a memorable brand experience. This approach allows us to discuss complex financial and logistical processes in an inclusive and transparent way. As a provider in a global market, describing services visually helps accommodate the diversity of mother tongues of Shamrock’s customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

Meteoric rise

Shamrock Oils has grown rapidly and a graphic timeline highlights this impressive start. We’ve made the impressive… impressive.

Product and service enquiries

Enquiry forms on product and service pages encourage contact at the point of initial interest.

Landing pages

Popular pages are landing pages with enhanced engagement. A website’s structure may suggest entry at the homepage but visitors will often enter at other points. These also need to be well illuminated and signposted. Entry points (landing pages) are identified in Google Analytics.


Built on WordPress platform to be adaptable and manageable.


Like all our websites, designed and developed to be optimised for desktop, tablet and phone.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Valuable tools that in combination give more accurate visitor and engagement data, allowing us to identify landing pages and UX improvement opportunities.


Highly optimised for search engines, especially Google.


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