St Mary’s Church Elham

St Mary’s Church Elham ran an excellent discussion series called the FAQs of Life.

Key to the success of this initiative was Denis Osborne. Sadly he is no longer with us. His reputation and skill gathered together an impressive list of discussion leaders.


Discussion leaders

  • Baroness Cox
  • Damian Collins MP
  • Rupert Bristow, Canterbury Diocese
  • Susan Carey, Kent County Council
  • John Cherry, St Luke’s Hospital
  • John Polkinghorne
  • Dr Gaius Davies
  • Dr Stephen Minger, King’s College
  • Professor Colin Seymour-Ure
  • Michael Bukht OBE
  • Henry Shackleton
  • Mark Stafford, Magician
  • Dr David Flood

A year in the House of Commons

Damian Collins MP


Baroness Cox

Council Tax

Susan Carey, Kent County Council

The Media

Professor Colin Seymour-Ure, University of Kent


Rupert Bristow, Canterbury Diocese


Henry Shackleton


Dr David Flood

Science and Religion

John Polkinghorne